Each player participating in the SLICJGA must register first as a player before registering for any SLICJGA golf event.

Note:  If a player was registered in the past, the must register again for the 2015 season as we have migrated to a new Website.

Each player must have a unique e-mail and password.  Families registering multiple players must do so by using one email address per player.

Once application for registration as a player has been made, an email confirmation will be sent to the player to confirm the request has been made.  The player must confirm this request by following the instructions in the email.

Once the player confirms the request, the application for registration is sent the the SLICJGA Committee for approval.

All players seeking registration must be sons or daughters of participating clubs in the STLDGA and in good standing with their respective club.


Only approved players can register for SLICJGA golf events.

The opening of registration for each event is noted on the home page of the Website.

Limited number of players will be admitted into each event.

Confirmation of registering for an event does not guarantee the player's admittance into the event.

There is an opportunity to register and be placed on the wait list.  This will only become available once we have met the number of available players allotted for registration on the site.

Final admittance for each event is only confirmed when the player's name is noted on the tee time sheet for the specific event.  Because of the large number of players from all clubs and limited field at each event, the SLICJGA Committee will do their best to provide this opportunity to play in a SLICJGA at least once to all registered players.


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Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the junior golf events in 2021, please e-mail Mike Reynoso

Our continued success is dependent on having parents and grandparents volunteer to work the SLICJGA events.  Thank you for your consideration!

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