Guidelines for Spectators Following Players On And Off The Course


1.       Spectators acknowledge that the goal of SLICJGA Junior League Golf is for players to increase the appreciation of the game of golf and have fun in a competition format.

2.       Spectators agree to refrain from participating in players’ strategic decisions.

3.       Spectators agree to defer the enforcement of rules to players and the SLICJGA committee.

4.       Spectators agree to abstain from coaching the players.

5.       Spectators agree to abstain from caddying.

6.       Spectators are encouraged to be supportive of the players.

7.       Spectators agree to demonstrate sportsmanship, respect and a positive attitude.


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Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the junior golf events in 2017, please e-mail Jim McLaughlin

Our continued success is dependent on having parents and grandparents volunteer to work the SLICJGA events.  Thank you for your consideration!

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