Open to Boys and Girls Ages 9-18 Years Old (Inaugural Year: 2013) 
In the 1970s and 1980s, most if not all of the country clubs in the St. Louis area participated in a junior golf league every summer. It was a vibrant group promoting golf among its membership's youth. St. Louis PGA tour pros, such as Jay Delsing and Jay Williamson, were former participants. Maybe you were a participant in your youth -- many clubs held local qualifiers on Fridays and sent their junior players to the host locations on the following Monday to represent their club. It is not known why it slowly faded away from existence, although there are theories that the evolution of the Junior Gateway PGA and other organizations promoting youth golf may have provided more organized opportunities. Our intent is not to compete with other junior golf organizations. In fact, we would like to compliment and promote their efforts, while affording our membership's youth the great privilege of playing at many country clubs in the St. Louis area.
This will be our 10th season in 2023 for the St. Louis Inter-Club (SLICJGA) Junior Golf Association. Our association was created by former participants and advocates of the junior golf leagues held 30+ years ago to promote this same great experience for junior golfers today. We look forward to enhancing, improving, and expanding this opportunity for junior golfers to play local country clubs in the St. Louis area. We would appreciate your comments on how we can improve what we are doing. Our long-term goal is to create an organizational structure that will provide a model for continuing Inter-Club play for many years into the future, expand the number of hosting clubs and grow the number of participants and player divisions. 

Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the junior golf events in 2021, please e-mail Mike Reynoso

Our continued success is dependent on having parents and grandparents volunteer to work the SLICJGA events.  Thank you for your consideration!

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