How to Qualify for the St. Louis Inter-Club Junior Golf Championship

In order to play in the St. Louis Inter-Club Junior Golf Championship, golfers must meet one of the following qualifying criteria.
Event Winner
All players that have won at least one SLICJGA event during the season will receive an invite to participate in the championship event held at Old Warson Country Club on Sunday, August 5, 2018.  In case of ties, all players who finished first will qualify, regardless if they won outright or tied for first place.
Event Runner Up
When a specific age bracket (12 years or older) has ten or more participants for a specific golf event, the second place finisher and all ties will qualify for the Championship Event, unless there are one or more ties for first; then no player placing in second place will qualify.
The SLICJGA Championship Committee will offer a limited number of exemptions into the St. Louis Inter-Club Junior Golf Championship. Golfers who placed in first, second or third in the 14-15 and 16-18 age divisions; and the 1st place winner in the 12-13 and 11 and Under division in the STLDGA Hardin Junior Golf Championship will receive a special invitation to play in the SLICJGA Championship event. Includes all ties.
Prior Winners
Players placing in 1st will automatically qualify the following year.  Players placing in the top three in the Championship the prior year and that are still eligible to play in the SLICJGA may receive special exemptions to the SLICJGA Championship the following year.
Special Invitees
The SLICJGA Championship Committee may provide a limited number of special invitees into the St. Louis Inter-Club Junior Golf Championship.  Limited spots may be available for players from the host club of the Championship.
Once the qualifying players (event winners, runner-ups, exemptions and special invitees) have confirmed their acceptance to participate in the Championship, if spots remain, the balance of the field will be completed based on the following:
  • Minimum of two events must be played by a registered player to be considered.  An average of the player’s lowest two rounds will be tabulated.
  • Depending on the limited number of remaining spots, players will be placed in an order based on lowest average score.
  • If a player declines, the next player on the list will be provided an invitation until the field is complete.
Age Divisions
Girls Age 9-11 years old     
Boys Age 9-11 years old               
Girls Age 12-13 years old             
Boys Age 12-13 years old             
Girls Age 14-15 years old             
Boys Age 14-15 years old           
Girls Age 16-18 years old              
Boys Age 16-18 years old    
NOTE:  If not enough players qualify for a division, the tournment committee may combine age divisions for the championship.


In the event that any age division cannot fill the noted number of qualifying spots, the SLICJGA Championship committee will increase the number of qualifying players in another age division. 

 The SLICJGA Committee reserves the right to refuse entry into the Championship Event to any player not in good standing with their own STLDGA country club, the STLDGA association, the SLICJGA association and/ or the event's host location.

Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the junior golf events in 2017, please e-mail Jim McLaughlin

Our continued success is dependent on having parents and grandparents volunteer to work the SLICJGA events.  Thank you for your consideration!

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