Bay Point Cup Invitational       

The Bay Point Cup is a Ryder Cup format for a junior golf championship as described below. 

The best players from SLICJGA and the Dew Sweepers Golf Academy, ages 13 to 18 respectively, will do battle at Bay Point Golf Club in Panama City Beach, Florida, in late July, with junior golfing bragging rights on the line. In doing so, however, many conventional golf rules will be thrown out the window.  (Birthdate as of July 26,2018)

Format for 13 to 18 Year Old Teams

The Bay Point Cup will feature 36 holes of golf where “pairs play” will dominate Friday, while match play will be the preferred method of scoring throughout the entire event.

The Bay Point Cup is predicated largely on team play, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Four Ball.  Day 1 will be played at the Nicklaus Course at Bay Point and will feature an 18-hole Four Ball session in the first round and an 18-hole Foursome session in the second round, pitting the SLICJGA and Dewsweeper Golf Academy against each other.

For the Four Ball round of the cup, all four golfers will play out each hole.  Only the lowest score will count for each team.  

For the Foursomes round of the cup, rather than all four golfers playing their own ball, each team plays one ball on each hole, with the teammates alternating shots.

After the first round of team play, Saturday will feature only singles matches, with all players competing from each team. Since XX points are up for grabs, it is entirely possible for one team to make a major comeback with a strong final day of the championship.

These one-on-one encounters have made for some of the greatest moments in the history of the Ryder Cup. There are no partners present for golfers to fall back on the final day, so the singles competition should prove exciting.

Scoring Rules

The most vital aspect of the Bay Point Cup's scoring rules is that the scores are not cumulative. The teams or individuals are in a battle to win each hole. The duo or person with the better score on any given hole wins it, while the hole is halved if the scores are identical.

That means someone could shoot at 10 on a hole, but it wouldn't impact the rest of their round. The worst that could happen is losing the hole, which is something that every golfer is capable of bouncing back from.

Unlike a traditional Ryder Cup format, match play will continue even if one team or individual is so far ahead that the other doesn't have enough holes left to make up the deficit.

The winning side earns a point in the standings for their team, while the losing side gets nothing. If the match ends in a stalemate, however, both teams will receive a half point.

There are XX points up for grabs in all, which means that XX points is enough to win the event. In the event of a tie in the final standings, a coin flip will determine the winner in year one.  For subsequent years, the defending champion will be named winner in case of all ties.


Important Facts and Figures


There are XX matches played between Dewsweeper Golf Academy and SLICJGA players over the course of the Bay Point Cup weekend, with each match being worth one point. The winning side is the team that accumulates the most team points, with a draw seeing the reigning champ retain the trophy. This means that the Bay Point Cup Championship Team will need XX points to win the overall championship.


"Four Ball" The four ball match will have two teams, each consisting of two golfers.  The two teams will play each other using better-ball scoring (each golfer in the match plays his or her own ball throughout - four balls in play, hence the name).

In this championship’s format, Team One consists of Players A and B, and Team Two consists of Players C and D.

On the first hole, Player A scores 5 and Player B scores 4. Team One's score for Hole 1 is 4 (its low ball). Player C scores 6 and Player D scores 5, so Team Two's score on the hole is 5. Therefore, Team One wins the first hole of the match, 4 to 5.

Continue in that fashion, marking down the team's score on each hole, and adding up the total at the end for the 18-hole team score.

“Foursomes” is a competition format in which a team is comprised of two players, and those two golfers alternate hitting the same ball (commonly referred to as "alternate shot").

The first player tees off, the second player hits the second shot, the first player hits the third shot, and so on until the ball is holed. Players alternate hitting tee shots so that the same player doesn't hit every drive.  Each team can determine which team player will hit the first tee shot of the day.

Hint For Foursomes Strategy: Try to determine before the round which are the toughest driving holes on the course being played. Factor that into the decision on who hits the tee ball on the first hole. You want your best driver to be teeing off on as many of the toughest driving holes as possible.

“Match Play” is a scoring system for golf in which a player, or team, earns a point for each hole in which they have bested their opponents; this is as opposed to stroke play, in which the total number of strokes is counted over one or more rounds of 18 holes.


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