Checklist / Questions



Players officially Registered/ Paid  


Dew Sweepers

7 players - as of March 9

? players

Thursday, July 28, 2016 

Registration at Bay Point Golf Pro Shop, 12:00 – 5:00 p.m.

player packets to be handed out by pro-shop to registered players

Practice Round 8AM – 5 PM

Players arrange on own

Ryan/ Adam good with handing out player packets and recording players checking in

Welcome Party (players and families)

Beach Party 6-9 PM at Pelican’s Bar and Grill (behind hotel)

JPM will finalize w/ hotel
Championship Schedule  

Friday, July 29, 2016

Start time for round one:   7:30 AM

Start Time for Round two:  1:00 PM

Format Day One

First Round, Four Ball, Nicklaus Course for ages 12-18 (18 holes)

Single Round, Two Person Scramble, Meadows Course for ages 9-11 (18 holes – same partners)

Second Round, Foursomes, Nicklaus Course for ages 12-18 (18 holes – new partners)

Per Ryan/ Adam, we should start at 7:30 AM, allow for 4 1/2 hour first round and 1 hour for lunch (we may need time to reformulate groupings as player teams may be changed)

If some players move up, their wait time may be less than an hour.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Start time for round one:    9:00 AM

Format Day Two

Single Round, Stroke Play, Nicklaus Course for ages 12-18 (18 holes – singles matches)

Single Round, Two Person Scramble, Meadows Course for ages 9-11 (9 holes)

Awards Ceremony, Scoreboard, immediately following the final round.

It was suggested to start at 9 AM to allow kids to rest after long first day






Golf Course

Meet with facility staff, Adam, to go over final function sheet and contract.

Green fees and carts ($25/ round; $15 spectator cart)

Course contract?

Adam will be sending JPM a contract to sign with Amy

Cost per Adam is $25 per player per 18 holes

Hotel/ Condo’s


Finalize Rates

Sheraton Hotel

Bay Point Real Estate


Although JPM had secured rates, Amy is going to investigate further.


Age Group

# of Holes Each Round


Boys 16-18


6,430 (Tee #2)

Boys 14-15


5,972 (Tee #3)

Boys 12-13


5,340 (Tee #4)

Boys 9-11


2,485 (Tee #5)

Girls 16-18


5,340 (Tee #4)

Girls 14-15


5,340 (Tee #4)

Girls 12-13


4,974 (Tee #5)

Girls 9-11


2,485 (Tee #5)


* These are estimated target yardages for the age group.

Yardages are acceptable to Amy, JPM and Bay Point Staff


Who will create player score cards for matches?

Should we create without player names, but print out player “name” labels?

Ryan and Adam have agreed to create player score cards

Tournament Packet

WIll identify format, expectations of caddies and spectators, hotel info, etc.

JPM has this in the works and will clean up the document and send to Amy.



Create timeline to Set Tee Times and Pairings

Organization Flags to be placed on hole #1

Have sign printed noting event “Bay Point Cup”?

Volunteers for event?

Who will organize?

Check with your golf course to see how they handle scoring; if not, schedule volunteers 


Posting tee times?

AMy and Jim will set initial pairings 2-3 weeks before event.

Both team flags will be placed on tee #1.

COurse will handle scoring:  may also utlize the new Bay Point app to post unofficial scores.

Amy has 7+ volunteers;  will need to place shuttle carts between holes #3 and #4;  and #5 and #6.

We will announce tee times and players/ matches at welcoming party.


Player Registration and Payment

Where to register, how to pay?

Entry fee? 

12-18 year olds (54 holes); $185? + cost of shirts / caddy bibs (optional)

9-11 year olds (27 holes); $145? + cost of shirts / caddy bibs (optional)

SLICJGA has posted an onine resource for invited players to register and pay online, purchase shirts and bibs.

Amy can engage SLICJGA to offer her players the same service;  at this time, she will handle on her own.

Player Packet at Registration on site at Bay Point

Sheet Outlining Event Schedule and Format

PCB Visitors Guide

Coupon from Edwin Watts?  Capt. Anderson’s?  Angelo’s?

Sleeve of Logo Golf Balls + Tees


JPM has arranged to pickup visitor guide, has coupons form Dave & Busters, and is soliciting Capt Andersons and Edwin Watts.  Amy will solicit other vendors.

Amy has arranged for golf balls for players.  JPM will bring tee packets.

Player Shirts

Team shirts

Caddy bibs $35 (includes name on back, logo front)

Autograph Flags (two for players to sign for both organizations; option for players to buy flags in advance, too) $19.00/Ea

Both teams are acquiring their own shirts.

SLICJGA is requiring players to purchase one shirt and have option to purchase different day two shirt or wear same shirt for day two.


Does pro-shop have leads on caddies?  Parents and non-playing players can caddy.  Caddies not allowed on green unless in the 9-11 age?


Amy is going to check with local comunity college to see if they have interested caddies.  Maybe Amy can check with other courses/ clubs?

Although Ryan/ Adam expressed concern with parent caddies, it will be difficult/ unlikely for SLICJGA players to bring caddies and may oly have option of parents caddying.

JPM proposes strict gudelines for parents caddying, i.e. cannot engage in any rulings, cannot be on green, must limit conversation with other players to stricly social chit chat...

Player Rules Sheets

Outline of rules and tournament format


JPM sending rules sheet used in their events for AMy to add to or ammned.

Spectator Policy

Parents, relatives, friends, and other spectators are welcomed and encouraged to come out to the course to watch the competition.


Outline for Spectators

The following guidelines have been established to ensure a level playing field for all contestants.

Spectator carts may be permitted during tournament rounds (if available).

Spectators need to stay clear of the playing areas (tee boxes, fairways, greens) and should travel on the cart paths whenever possible.

When driving in carts, please be adhere to other players by ceasing to drive while others are preparing to hit.

Keep a proper distance from the players – a minimum of 25 yards is recommended.

Spectators cannot walk with players during tournament play or engage in conversation.

Spectators cannot give advice to any player. Talking to competitors during tournament rounds is not allowed, as it could be perceived as giving advice resulting in a two-stroke penalty on the player. (Please refer to USGA Rule 8-1 for definition).

Spectators are not to give rulings to competitors before, during, or after the tournament round – only Junior Golf Championships rules officials are authorized to give rulings to competitors.

Cellular phones, beepers, and other electronic devices are not permitted during play.

A guideline infraction should be brought to the attention of the Championship staff immediately.  If an infraction is observed, warned, penalized, and it persists the player is subject to disqualification and their spectators removed from the property in compliance with the Championship’s Code of Conduct Policy.


AMy and JPM i agreement that we need to deliver guidelines of expectations or parents and spectators.


Check participation progress.

Finalization of exact number of players from each team participating?

One Month Before

Re-confirm final itinerary to participants

Set tee times/ pairings for initial match?

Assign volunteer(s) duties at the golf course.


Welcome Party/ Bonfire at Pelican’s

Organize with the hotel

Announcements at welcome party, i.e. pairings/ matches for day one, review of format and each day’s events


JPM has setup iniitially with hotel;  will finalize as we near date.


Should we consider identifying high profile individual as Honorary Chairperson?

Should we publicize via Radio, TV, and Newspapers?

Should we make announcements at local Civic Clubs?

AMy will handle getting event placed in Bay Point newsletter and other media.


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Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the junior golf events in 2017, please e-mail Jim McLaughlin

Our continued success is dependent on having parents and grandparents volunteer to work the SLICJGA events.  Thank you for your consideration!

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