Unofficial Scores

 16-18 Boys  Club Tee Tee Time Total Score Place
 Babington, Luke   Sunset Hills   Blue   01:30 pm  76 2nd
 Ball, Julian   Old Warson   Blue   01:30 pm  82 9th (t)
 Horner, Andrew   Bellerive CC   Blue   01:46 pm  79 5th (t)
 Jones, Kinder   Bellerive CC   Blue   01:46 pm  77 3rd
 Aquino, Louis   Algonquin GC   Blue   01:54 pm  82 9th (t)
 O'Toole, Zach   Old Warson   Blue   01:54 pm  89 11th
 Redmond, Ben   Greenbriar CC   Blue   01:38 pm  81 7th (t)
 Reynoso, Luke   Greenbriar Hills  Blue   01:54 pm  79 5th (t)
 Terschluse, Joe   Forest Hills CC   Blue   01:30 pm  78 4th
 Wachter, Jack   Forest Hills CC   Blue   01:38 pm  74 1st
 Wahle, Kevin   Old Hickory CC   Blue   01:38 pm  81 7th (t)
 Wendling Jr.,Steven  Westborough   Blue   01:46 pm  100 12th
 14-15 Boys Club Tee TeeTime Total Score Place
 Avery, Joe   Greenbriar Hills  Blue   02:34 pm  87 10th (t)
 Bugyis, Michael   Algonquin  Blue   02:02 pm  85 9th
 Burns, Riley   Greenbriar Hills  Blue   02:18 pm  82 5th
 Cronin, Jack   Persimmon Woods   Blue   02:26 pm  81 2nd (t)
 Dawson, Tyler   Sunset CC  Blue   02:34 pm  83 6th (t)
 Garza, Alex   Glen Echo   Blue   02:18 pm  87 12th
 Heidenry, Josh   Greenbriar   Blue   02:10 pm  77 1st
 Johnson, Freddy   St. Louis CC  Blue   02:02 pm  90 13th
 Killian, Cody   Sunset C.C.   Blue   02:10 pm  91 14th
 Leavitt, Parker   Forest Hills   Blue   02:02 pm  83 6th (t)
 McLaughlin, Jim  Norwood HIlls  Blue   02:34 pm  81 2nd (t)
 Walsh, Zach   Forest Hills CC   Blue   02:26 pm  81 2nd (t)
 Weaver, Peter   Bellerive CC  Blue   02:10 pm  84 8th
 Winter, Gus   Sunset CC  Blue   02:18 pm  96 15th
 Winter, Ray   Sunset CC  Blue   02:26 pm  86 10th
 16-18 Girls Club Tee Tee Time Total Score Place
 Hamilton, Meaghan   Glen Echo CC   Gold   02:42 pm  93 3rd
 Sanfelippo, Paige   Forest Hills CC   Gold   02:42 pm  94 2nd
 Schnable, Maya   Norwood HIlls  Gold   02:42 pm  89 1st
 14-15 Girls  Club Tee Tee Time Total Score Place
 Ballet, Margaux   Norwood HIlls  Gold   02:50 pm  103 3rd
 Bloomstran, Lucy   Norwood HIlls  Gold   02:50 pm  87 1st
 Buell, Emma   Westborough   Gold   02:50 pm  88 2nd
 Murphy, Carleigh   Meadowbrook   Gold   02:50 pm  113 4th
 12-13 Boys  Total Score Place
 Bourke, Thomas   Forest Hills  White  03:22 pm  81 2nd
 Fix, Sam   Westborough  White  02:58 pm  84 4th
 Graiff, Roman   Sunset CC White  03:14 pm  88 6th
 Hastie, Curt   Sunset  White  02:58 pm  80 1st (t)
 Ireland, Will   Algonquin  White  03:14 pm  95 10th
 Linenbroker, Tyler   Forest Hills CC  White  03:06 pm  82 3rd (t)
 Mazzola, Blake   Forest Hills CC  White  02:58 pm  85 5th
 Mikula, Henry   Bellerive CC  White  03:14 pm  80 1st (t)
 Niles, Hunter   Old Hickory  White  03:06 pm  82 3rd (t)
 Reynoso, Riley   Greenbriar Hills White  03:22 pm  92 8th
 Wooldridge, Jack   Forest Hills CC  White  03:22 pm  88 7th
 Zhang, Alexander   Norwood HIlls White  03:06 pm  93 9th
 9-11 Boys  Total Score Place
Sauer, Colby     Meadowbrook Green 3:30 PM 46 3rd
Serafin, Henry Norwood Hills Green 3:30 PM 61 10th
Ewing, Eric Old Warson Green 3:30 PM 49 5th
Kramer, Charlie Greenbriar Green 3:38 PM 47 4th
Dawson, Jack Sunset CC Green 3:38 PM 55 9th
Skornia, Mason Algonquin Green 3:38 PM 53 7th (t)
Lewis, Brin St Louis CC Green 3:46 PM 50 6th
Miller, Ryan Greenbriar Hills Green 3:46 PM 40 2nd
Walsh, Ryan Forest Hills Green 3:46 PM 36 1st
Margiotta, Ryan Algonquin Green 3:46 PM 53 7th (t)
 12-13 Girls Total Score Place
Burns, Ainsley Greenbriar Hills     Green 3:54 PM 51 1st
 9-11 Girls Total Score Place
Winter, Emma Sunset CC Green 3:54 PM 57 1st
Winter, Abby Sunset CC Green 3:54 PM 59 2nd
Robson, Reese Meadowbrook Green 3:54 PM 62 3rd

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