Listed below are those players who have already qualified for the 2015 Championship:

BOYS 16-18

GIRLS 16-18

Michael O'Keefe*

Drew Walsh*

Max Twardowski*

Sam Harrison*

Justin Hemings*

Thomas Weaver*

Frankie Thomas*

Joe Terschluse*

Brad Kane*

Kinder Jones*

EJ Verhulst**

Jake Williams*

Bridget Schulte**

Katie Glickert*

Hanna Dove**

Drew Bolster

BOYS 14-15

GIRLS 14-15

Tommy Shelby*

Michael Bugyis*

Max Kreikemeier*

Ben Redmond*

Jack Wachter*

Ben Tyrell**

Tanner White**

Colin Stolze*

Steven Wendling*

Zach Walsh*

Joe Avery*

Louis Aquino*

Lucy Bloomstran*

Maya Schnable*

Paige Sanfelippo*

Margaux Ballet**

Riley Durham*

Natalie Telscher*



BOYS 12-13

GIRLS 12-13

Gus WInter**

Henry Mikula*

Jack Cronin*

Jimmy McLaughlin*

Blake Mazzola*

Riley Burns*

Peter Weaver*

Cody Killian*

Tyler Dawson*

JT Williamson*

Tyler Linenbroker*

Emma Buell**

Annika Sandquist

GiGi Goltermann*

BOYS 9-11

GIRLS 9-11

Ryan Walsh*

Alexander Zhang*

Kal Myers*

Jack Wooldridge*

Logan Davis*

Brin Lewis*

Trip Sanfelippo*

Blake Skornia*

Max Minkiewicz*

Riley Reynoso*

Emma Winter**

Ainsley Burns*

Abby Winter**

* Accepted Invitation; **Declined Invitation, no mark means pending  

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